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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said in an interview today that it was "an embarrassment" that millions of white working-class voters decided to support Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. 

"It is an embarrassment, I think, to the entire of Democratic Party that millions of white working-class people decided to vote for Mr. Trump, which suggests that the Democratic message of standing up for working people no longer holds much sway among workers in this country," Sanders said, calling for a reshaping of the party's message. 

He said he will support Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), the only Muslim member of Congress, to become the next chair of the DNC. 

Earlier today, Joe Trippi said that Clinton's defeat was due to a lack of turnout by Democrats, as the former First Lady fell short of President Obama's 2012 vote total by about 5 million.

Sanders said working people don't believe the Democratic Party's message and seemed to call out Clinton's close ties to Wall Street, as he did throughout the Democratic primaries. 

"You cannot be a party which on one hand says we're in favor of working people, we're in favor of the needs of young people, but we don't quite have the courage to take on Wall Street and the billionaire class," Sanders said. "People do not believe that. You've got to decide which side you're on."

Meantime, Sanders took to Twitter and Facebook as well following Trump's victory. 

He expressed a willingness to work with President-elect Trump to improve the lives of working families, but promised to vigorously oppose any policies that he views as "racist, sexist, xenophobic and anti-environment."

Shepard Smith discussed the debate about the future of the Democratic Party with AP national political reporter Julie Bykowicz, who said that much of the recent attention has been on the Republicans' so-called "crisis," and that has obscured the problems in the Democratic Party. 

Watch the conversation above.

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