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President-elect Donald Trump has made it clear that repealing and replacing ObamaCare will be one of the priorities of his first 100 days in office.

Dr. Ben Carson, a longtime Trump supporter, says he would be excited about sharing his expertise in solving the problem of health care in America.

On "Hannity" tonight, Carson acknowledged that it will be difficult to dismantle the massive Affordable Care Act, but there are models for how to get a simpler and less expensive system.

He said we must shift to allowing the free market to decide, and get the government and third parties out of people's personal health care choices.

"If the relationship is between the patient and the health care provider, you're going to bring the whole medical system into the free market," Carson explained. "And free market forces will control cost and quality. It will be much better."

Hannity asked if Carson would accept a position in Trump's cabinet if asked, perhaps health and human services secretary or surgeon general.

"We’re discussing these things," Carson answered. "I personally feel that you can do a lot from outside. But if that were the only way that it could be done, you know, obviously I’m going to do what needs to be done to assist this administration."

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