President-elect Donald Trump won with white evangelical voters by an overwhelming margin, outpacing the numbers of Mitt Romney and George W. Bush in that segment of the population. 

Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by 65 points on his way to a stunning election victory, according to Fox News exit polls.

Trump's performance was the best for a candidate since Bush defeated John Kerry 78-21 among white evangelicals. Clinton's tally was four points lower than President Obama, who was at 20 percent with white evangelicals in 2012.

On America's Newsroom, Lauren Green analyzed the results among this key voting bloc, which made up one in four voters in this election.

She noted that four years ago, 25 million evangelicals did not vote, helping Obama win re-election. Green said Trump created evangelical and Catholic advisory councils, which helped spur a massive grassroots movement that was missed by the mainstream media. 

"There was an undercurrent. It was an anti-establishment that went all the way down to the spiritual heart of this country," said Johnnie Moore, who served on the evangelical council.

The choice of Mike Pence as VP was seen as helping Trump bring evangelicals over to his side. The Indiana governor was featured in a video ad sent out to churches, pastors and faith leaders this past weekend. 

Green said these voters saw as the biggest issue the potential reshaping of the Supreme Court under a Clinton presidency. 

Meantime, some lamented Hillary Clinton's lack of outreach to evangelicals. Michael Wear, who directed faith outreach for Obama's 2012 campaign, recalled that Obama made sure to ask for evangelical votes in spite of disagreements. 

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