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Numerous celebrities threatened to leave the United States if Donald Trump was elected president.

On Your World, Kennedy sounded off on those folks' apprehension to do so after the New York businessman became our president-elect.

"If any Republican gets elected, I'm going to move to Canada," actress Raven-Symone said earlier this election season.

"I will move to Spain or somewhere-- It's beyond my comprehension if Trump's just too crazy," said comedian Amy Schumer, whose relative Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) also won his election last night.

Kennedy said she hoped they followed through: "Amy Schumer said that anyone who is taunting celebrities to leave the country is somehow racist."

"Go ahead and deliver," she said, "People will have so much respect for our fine thespians like Lena Dunham, if she actually packs her carcass into a 787 and flies far far away," she said.

"Try being a Libertarian," she remarked, "See how you feel every Election Day-After ever."

"Last night was a referendum against politicians who promise too much and deliver too little," Kennedy said.

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