Sean Hannity reacted by phone moments ago as Donald Trump moves closer and closer to 270 electoral votes. 

Hannity said Trump is on the verge of defeating the political establishment on both sides and the media establishment. 

"This is a modern day political miracle you're witnessing before your eyes. ... It's the American people that have said enough is enough,'" he said.

Hannity said Trump's message about bringing back jobs and "draining the swamp" in Washington has resonated across the country. 

Hannity said Trump outworked Hillary Clinton during the campaign and proved all of the doubters and pollsters wrong. 

"This is not complicated. What's happening now is not working," said Hannity. 

He said he believes the world will have a "healthy bit of fear" of Trump becoming president because America will rebuild its military and stay out of foreign conflicts.

Watch the full conversation above. 

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