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"Pop stars are crying--comedians are clutching their Xanax," Greg Gutfeld said, after Donald Trump was declared 'president-elect', against the hopes of some celebrities.

"Cher says she's moving to another planet--as if she wasn't already living on one," he said.

"It's the end of the world as we know it. So why do I feel fine?" Gutfeld said, "Because this hysteria validates last night ['s results]."

"The stars did everything they could to get Hillary elected. And now they're freaking out because their entitled arrogance flopped."

"At least the Dems still have Katy Perry--she just threatened revolution," he said, comparing her to Che Guevara "in a thong".

Gutfeld said Trump deserves support for the fact "the enemies he made [are] our enemies too."

"Lena Dunham mov[ing] to Canada makes her the least-popular Canadian export since acid rain," he said.

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