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Former Secretary of Education William J. Bennett reacted to large marches and protests in numerous major cities against Donald Trump's new status as president-elect.

"There are no time outs, no stopping the action in a busy country," he said.

"What exactly are they protesting? A Constitutional Republic's way of engaging in Democracy?" Bennett asked rhetorically.

Bennett said the protests in New York, Philadelphia and other cities amount to a "tantrum [that] our gal lost, so we're going to protest."

"The way our democracy works is one side loses and one side wins."

On Trump's election, Bennett said, "He was elected to do certain things and he should by all means proceed to do them."

"There's a difference between engaging with good will on issues...and engaging to such a degree that you neuter yourself,"  he said, referring to a situation that may arise, should Trump ideologically moderate too much.

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