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Eric Trump says there's no doubt that his father is going to win the White House tonight.

"Everybody had written him off. No one gave him any chance," Trump said of his father. "He was fighting the greatest political machine arguably in United States history, maybe in world history. And he’s fighting special interest money – the likes of which, again, no one’s ever seen before."

He explained that his father's message has resonated with the American people, and he's started a movement.

"This is a movement to take back our country from career politicians," Trump said.

He argued that our political system has a lack of ethics and a huge amount of corruption, both of which need to be cleaned up.

"As a country, we deserve so much better," Trump said. "No one thinks Washington, D.C. is helping this country. People are disenfranchised in so many ways. They want career politicians out of the equation. And I think that’s really helped to rise the fuel of my father, who's really kind of been the total outsider – not the Democrat, not the Republican – the total outsider of this process."

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