Judge Jeanine Pirro and Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke made their final election predictions on Hannity

Judge Pirro said she believes Donald Trump will win, but with only slightly above 50 percent confidence, and Sheriff Clarke agreed. 

She said Trump has hit on issues during the campaign that haven't been talked about enough and voters believe he can deliver jobs.

"Donald Trump has hit a note with the American public all over this country," said Pirro, downplaying the newest announcement by FBI Director James Comey that newly-located emails would not change his decision not to recommend charges against Hillary Clinton. 

Pirro said the American people no longer care about the email issue, having made up their minds about Clinton's conduct long ago. 

"Washington is corrupt. They've had it with Washington. [Comey] says yes, he says no, he says maybe. He says reckless, he says there's a prima facie case, maybe there isn't, maybe there is. ... We know she's a liar," said Pirro.

Clarke said Comey has turned the FBI into the "modern version of the Keystone cops" and said Trump, if he becomes president, should dismiss Comey immediately. 

Watch the full segment above.

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