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Monday on The Kelly File, Megyn Kelly asked former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee what his most memorable moment of the 2016 presidential campaign was.

"Losing." Huckabee quipped.

The former Republican primary contender went on to say what a "disruptive election it has been."

"People of America have stood up and spoken up and said 'enough-- we're sick of these institutions, they have failed us'."

"The people are exactly right," he said, "They feel like the pigeons over head have come and have done their duty--and this time they're going to shoot some pigeons tomorrow," he said.

Regarding the purported 'hidden Trump vote', Huckabee said there are an "enormous" number of people who do not want to say publicly that they are voting for Trump, for fear of a derogatory response.

"Donald Trump has touched a nerve... he went to the podium and said into the microphone what people were saying at the coffee shop when they leaned in closely and talked to their close friends," he said.

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