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The Hillary Clinton campaign has canceled a planned Election Night “victory” fireworks display, The New York Post reported.

The Clinton campaign had contacted the Coast Guard last week for permission to do a two-minute fireworks show over the Hudson River when the election results went final, as early as 9:30 p.m. Tuesday night.

Several days later, however, the campaign contacted the Coast Guard to say they would not be shooting off the 10-inch aerial shells after all.

“They do have a permit for fireworks, but at this point we believe the fireworks [are] canceled,” NYPD chief of intelligence Tommy Galati said at a press conference on Election Day security.

When asked why the fireworks were canceled, Galati responded, “I cannot tell you that.”

The Clinton campaign has not commented.

Watch Chris Bedford discuss this report on Fox Business Network above, and let us know what you think this might mean in the comments.

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