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"A new poll shows 80 percent of voters are disgusted by this election," Greg Gutfeld said Monday on The Five.

"This election has slimed everyone--hardworking party people were recast as evil establishment, then blamed for not coming home," he said.

"Conservative and Evangelical leaders that mocked you for not being pure enough exchanged principles for star power, [and] the 'Alt-Right'... turned Twitter into a creep hazard."

"Then there's the media," he said, "clearly in the tank--for ratings."

Gutfeld said life as we know it will continue no matter who wins Tuesday: "When JFK was shot--that was a big deal...we still went back to work."

"If Trump wins, it could've been [Texas Senator] Ted Cruz--Trump's a Commie by comparison. 'President Hillary' will be so marred by scandal, she'll be happy to sit in meetings, bomb something, then nap."

"It's just easier to scream at the enemy than own your own embarrassments," he said.

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