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Monday on Your World, former 2016 presidential candidate Bobby Jindal (R-La.) discussed recent WikiLeaks revelations that some members of the mainstream media worked with top Democrats to craft debate questions.

As Neil Cavuto reported, some employees of CNN had been "bouncing questions off the Hillary Clinton campaign" and some at CNBC had been "making sure all was nice with [Clinton campaign chairman] John Podesta."

"I'm shocked to hear the mainstream media is colluding with the Democratic Party," Jindal said cynically, adding that the hacked emails "confirm they're not objective."

But, as a one-time candidate, the former Louisiana governor said it "shouldn't matter where the questions come from."

"If you're running for president, you better be ready for the toughest questions."

"A lot of [journalists] are kind of lazy--they outsourced their jobs to the Democrat Party-- you don't think they could come up with their own snarky comments or questions," Jindal added.

"[This is] why [some Americans] feel the system is rigged against them."

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