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Part of a new cache of WikiLeaks emails released today, an apparent exchange between a former Clinton confidant and Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman reveals that Clinton Foundation resources were likely used to pay for Chelsea Clinton's wedding.

"Leaked emails reveal some of the costs of Chelsea Clinton's wedding may have been offset with charitable funds from the Clinton Foundation," Ed Henry reported on Special Report.

The allegation comes from an email written by former Bill Clinton advisor Douglas Band.

Band wrote to future Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta about "the investigation into [Chelsea] getting paid for campaigning, using foundation resources for her wedding and life for a decade, taxes on money from her parents."

"I hope that you will speak to her and end this... Once we go down this road..."

The message came after Chelsea Clinton accused Band of trading on access to her father, Bill Clinton, to help with Band's consulting firm, Teneo.

Chelsea Clinton married investment banker Marc Mezvinsky in Dutchess County, N.Y. in 2010.

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