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A New Jersey couple discussed their late son's fervent support for Donald Trump, and told Steve Doocy how their story affected the Republican presidential nominee.

Hugh "Riley" Rone, 19, of South Amboy, was killed in a motorcycle accident on the Garden State Parkway this past Memorial Day weekend. 

His mother, Barbara, said he was a very outspoken supporter of Donald Trump, ahead of the teen's first eligible election.

"He would go out and try to register people, he would debate his friends--and we didn't find this out until after he passed and his friends told us," his father, Hugh, said.

The Rones said a friend of Riley's wrote a letter to Trump after his death, and that the candidate eventually got in touch with the family to discuss their son.

"He wrote us a few letters," Barbara Rone said, adding that Trump also called them after a rally, "he said he would give [away] all his millions and everything he owns if it would bring back Riley. What kind of guy, on the campaign going to take time out to call us?"

The family was invited on stage at a recent campaign rally in Lebanon County, Pa., where Trump talked about Rone's story.

They also said, despite living in a Democratic area, Rone's funeral was filled with Trump signs and regalia.

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