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Lara Trump, the wife of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's son, joined Trish Regan to discuss her experiences campaigning for her father-in-law.

"I wanted to be very involved here," Trump said of her home state of North Carolina, "It's obviously critical that we win North Carolina."

She said she began actively canvassing for her father-in-law especially in response to the narrative that the New York mogul would not be a proper leader for women.

"We know this man personally. We just wanted to convey that to people," she said.

In the latest poll, Hillary Clinton leads Mr. Trump 51-38 among women, with former Gov. Gary Johnson (L-N.M.) garnering four points and Dr. Jill Stein garnering two.

Trump said women she meets are "very enthusiastic" about voting for Mr. Trump.

"Women are highly offended that a candidate like Hillary Clinton gets our vote simply because we are the same gender she is."

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