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Hillary Clinton's chief campaign strategist Joel Benenson joined Chris Wallace to discuss the state of the race, with less than 72 hours to go until the polls close on Election Day.

Benenson said Clinton and her surrogates are campaigning hard in places like Michigan and Pennsylvania because they are what he considers "game-day" states.

"No early voting," Benenson said on Fox News Sunday, " We have to make sure we get there in the last few days--keep people ginned up and getting them out to vote. That's what you are seeing in some of these states."

"Things have opened up for us. More money is coming in...people are supporting the campaign," he said.

"Every state we make harder for Donald Trump to win makes his path narrower and narrower."

Asked about Clinton's email investigation, he said he would "not authenticate" WikiLeaks-released correspondence apparently hacked "[by] Russia".

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