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A longtime maid for the Clinton family was privy to numerous classified government documents--and was at times actively told to handle them, Fox & Friends reported.

Marina Santos, a Filipino immigrant working in Bill and Hillary Clinton's District of Columbia home was routinely asked to print sensitive and classified information, Brian Kilmeade said, citing the New York Post's cover story.

"Do we have a 'Betty Currie' of the email scandal right in front of our eyes?" Kilmeade said, referring to the Clinton secretary that allegedly would often handle gifts given to infamous intern Monica Lewinsky.

Steve Doocy said the 'blame' for the revelations does not fall to WikiLeaks, which has released thousands of pages of Clinton-related correspondence, as the situation was instead uncovered in emails released by the State Department on Friday.

"This went on for years," Kilmeade said, "Santos does not have [a security] clearance."

Santos used a "highly-secure" facsimile machine in a "sensitive compartmented information facility" inside the Clinton home to print and handle 'sensitive' and 'classified' information.

One email, toplined "Libya War Powers" asked Santos to print a certain document for Clinton: 

"Please ask Marina to print for me in the A.M.," it read.

Kilmeade remarked that it appears Santos was not asked to do routine housekeeping like "take the chop meat out of the freezer" but instead told to "do me a favor--find out what's going on with Libya."

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