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The FBI reached out to Congress, in an apparent update to the letter that Director James Comey sent on October 28, saying today that his conclusion not to recommend charges against Clinton has "not changed".

The new revelation will likely be seen as potentially a "sigh of relief" for Clinton, only two days before the presidential election, Ed Henry reported.

"If James Comey feels he injected himself into the political dialog here, this latest statement...serves in someways to neutralize [that]," Martha MacCallum said.

As reported:

Comey informed Congress on Oct. 28 that the agency would, in the unrelated case, review additional emails related to Clinton’s time running the State Department from 2009 to 2013.

“Since my letter, the FBI investigative team has been working around the clock to process and review a large volume of emails,” Comey said Sunday in a follow-up letter to Congress. “During that time we reviewed all of the communications that were to or from Hilary Clinton as secretary of state. Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusion.”

The new case is purportedly related to ex-New York Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner using a laptop he shared with estranged wife and top Clinton aide Huma Abedin for “sexting” an apparently underage female. 

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