Tucker Carlson Set to Join the Fox News Channel Primetime Lineup

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After Election Day, Fox and Friends Weekend host Tucker Carlson will be moving to his new 7 p.m. ET slot, as Brit Hume steps down as host of On The Record.

Saturday, Clayton Morris and Abby Huntsman offered a fun look back at some of Tucker's most memorable moments on the curvy couch:

From a canoe race on the plaza to an obstacle course--to something Fox News meteorologist Rick Reichmuth said Tucker would never do-- eat on TV-- the good times with Tucker are too many to count.



There was also the time he took his turn in the dunk tank--in full suit and slacks:


Over the past four years, Tucker has also interviewed many politicians and celebrities, like Dr. Ben Carson, Mike Rowe and Donald Trump.


He was also known to conduct heated debates with some of his guests, like former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, and more recently former Maryland governor and Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley.

We wish Tucker the best of luck when his first show at 7 p.m. ET airs on November 14.

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