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For the first time, Melania Trump gave a speech introducing her husband, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, before he headlined a rally in eastern North Carolina on Saturday, Neil Cavuto reported.

Melania has not been seen very often on the campaign trail, only notably offering remarks at the Republican National Convention in July and at a standalone rally in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

"I have known this man for 18 years...Donald is a wonderful husband, father and grandfather," she said in Wilmington, "Donald cares so deeply about this country, he could no longer sit by and let American jobs be lost, and Americans become less and less safe."

Mrs. Trump previously sparked controversy at the RNC when some of the passages in her speech appeared to be lifted from one given by First Lady Michelle Obama.

Saturday, she echoed her husband's mantra that America is subject to a "broken and rigged system" as well as spoke about the differences between their respective upbringings.

Melania is a native of Slovenia, and was active in fashion modeling in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

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