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A woman who was suing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for allegedly tying her to a bed and raping her while she was a teenager in 1994 has backed off her accusations, Politico reported.

Known only as 'Jane Doe', the woman had alleged that, while she was in her early teens, Trump and wealthy investor Jeffrey Epstein raped her multiple times during parties at Epstein's home.

Epstein is a Level 3 sex offender.

The woman and her current lawyer, Lisa Bloom, were to appear at a news conference last week, but canceled, citing threats the woman had received.

The suit was the third time the allegations were made, Politico reported.

Trump, through his lawyer, previously denied the accusations as "frivolous".

"It is completely untrue," Alan Garten said.

Public doubt was cast over the validity of the first lawsuit against Trump, and the second was dismissed by a federal judge in May.

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