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Brit Hume reported on "On The Record" tonight about several recent incidents of PC culture on college campuses, including guidelines on "offensive" Halloween costumes, a ban on handing out copies of the U.S. Constitution and restrictions on a show that allegedly perpetuates racial stereotypes.

Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College, believes that many universities' curriculums and policies reinforce identity politics and divisions among students.

"Their understanding, their ability to learn is supposed to be conditioned by what identity group they're members of," Arnn explained. "And they demand recognition for their groups. And that pits the [groups] at war with each other."

He said he's proud that Hillsdale College does not function like that, since they do not accept federal money and are not beholden to anything other than their mission statement.

"Relations [at] a college need to be civil and academic," Arnn said. "The word college means 'partnership.' It's something a bunch of people do together. They proceed by arguing and evidence and proof."

"And you've got to have scope for that or nobody will learn and people will be at odds with each other all the time."

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