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Democratic lawmakers are calling on the Justice Department to investigate Rudy Giuliani for apparently claiming that he knew the FBI was renewing the investigation into Hillary Clinton's private server before that information was publicly revealed.

Democratic Reps. Elijah Cummings and John Conyers want to know if Giuliani has inside sources at the bureau who might have leaked information to him.

On "The Kelly File" tonight, Megyn Kelly asked the former New York City mayor about this controversy.

Giuliani argued that this is just the Democrats pushing the "vast right-wing conspiracy" angle.

"You can investigate me. I spoke to no current FBI agents ever in the last ten months. I've had no communication with them," Giuliani said. "I haven't destroyed any of my emails. I haven't hammered my cell phone."

He claimed that he got all his information from former FBI agents, and he was only told that many FBI employees were "in revolt" over FBI Director James Comey's initial decision not to recommend the Democratic presidential nominee be indicted.

Megyn pointed out that Giuliani told Martha MacCallum on October 26, days before Comey's announcement of the renewed probe, that Donald Trump had “a surprise or two that you’re going to hear about in the next two days.”

Giuliani said he was talking about Trump's planned television advertising over the weekend, in which he would speak directly to the American people.

"That would have been kind of lame," Megyn remarked. "You should have been glad that something bigger came out to not make a liar out of you."

"I had no idea that Jim Comey was going to do what he did," Giuliani insisted. "Not the slightest idea."

Watch the segment above, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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