Judge Jeanine Pirro said this morning that after the WikiLeaks revelations, it's becoming clear what the Clintons were doing with their foundation and why Hillary Clinton set up a private email server. 

"It's clear what their intent was. Their intent was to hide. To set up the server so that she could operate not only outside of the guidelines and the rules and the federal requirements, but that she could operate an organized criminal enterprise in the name of a 501(c)(3) charity," she said in her weekly Friday morning chat with Fox & Friends

Pirro said the FBI never should have conducted an investigation without access to a grand jury and said the Justice Department has been "corrupted" like never before.

"It's a RICO - racketeering influencing corruption organization. Like the mob. She's a capo and you know they got the consigliere, who is Loretta Lynch at this point," said Pirro.

She was also asked why Clinton has stopped doing serious TV interviews.

"It’s because at this point anything she says can and will be used against her in a court of law."

Watch the full discussion above and don't miss Justice with Judge Jeanine, Saturday night at 9:00 ET - Judge Pirro will talk to Frank Luntz about the polling heading into Election Day.

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