Donald Trump will win the presidential election by a significant margin, Mike Huckabee predicted on Outnumbered today. 

With just four days to go, Hillary Clinton leads Trump by three points in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll. Trump led by one in the poll earlier this week. 

The former Arkansas governor, however, says all the momentum is on Trump's side right now. 

"I think Donald Trump wins Tuesday night and I think it's gonna be a significant win. I don't think it's gonna be as close as everybody thinks," he said. 

Huckabee said he believes that there is a lot of hidden support for Trump among people who won't say they're going to vote for him out of fear of being seen as a racist, a bigot or a xenophobe. 

"I hear it from every kind of person I talk to as I travel across this country. From flight attendants, to servers in restaurants, to cab drivers, to bellman in hotels [and] people that don't normally vote for a Republican," said Huckabee, calling out Pennsylvania as the state that could unexpectedly swing to Trump. 

Meghan McCain said some of her female friends in Arizona - who don't pay much attention to politics - have been swayed by recent headlines involving Anthony Weiner.

One report - based on WikiLeaks - indicated that Clinton's staff knew Weiner was 'sexting' an underage girl as early as 2011, but didn't act.

"A really good friend of mine was like, 'they can say whatever they want about Donald Trump saying things [but] you're talking about condoning pedophilia,'" said McCain.

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