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​The Chicago Cubs won the World Series last night, breaking the franchise's 108-year curse. 

The historic 10-inning Game 7 win over the Cleveland Indians sparked lots of viral moments, but this one might be our favorite so far. 

In a video that's quickly spread on social media, the Cub-loving man opened a can of Coors beer that he stashed in his refrigerator 32 years ago. 

"[My] grandpa put this beer in his fridge 32 years ago and said he would open it when the cubs won the world series. today was that day," a high school junior named Grace posted on Twitter. 

The man cracked open the brew, with his son narrating, and poured it into a Cubs mug. It looked like he wanted to drink up, but his family advised against it. 

"It smells like hell," the son said.

"I think you should drink it and die a happy man," he joked. 

In the end, the grandfather posed with the can, pretending to sip it. 

The man placed the beer there after the Cubs lost in the NLCS to the Padres in 1984.

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