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In 2008 and 2012, President Obama received record support from African Americans in his bids for the White House.

This election, however, that crucial Democratic voter bloc does not appear to be turning out in the same numbers.

"That means that there's some folks who came out for me and think it's less important this time," Obama said in an interview with WBAV Radio. "All I'm emphasizing to them is even though my name is not on the ballot, my legacy is on the ballot."

On "On the Record" tonight, Shannon Bream reported that early voting data in critical swing state North Carolina shows African American voters have cast 111,000 fewer ballots than they had at this point four years ago.

She added that early voting in North Carolina is down nearly 16 percent among black voters, while it's up 15 percent among whites.

Bream noted that it appears that early voting is also down among black voters in other critical swing states, like Florida and Ohio.

"While Clinton is expected to overwhelmingly win the black vote, just how good the turnout is could make all the difference in a tight race," Bream said.

Watch the "On The Record" report above.

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