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Professor with Remarkable Track Record Predicts a Trump Election Win

A history professor who has correctly predicted each presidential election since 1984 is still predicting a Donald Trump victory. 

American University distinguished professor Allan Lichtman said on Happening Now that his forecast - based on 13 key indicators - still points to the Republican Party winning the White House. 

Lichtman, who admitted he is not a fan of Trump, described the billionaire as an "unprecedented" candidate that threatens to upend his model. 

"He could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. If it was Marco Rubio or John Kasich, I'd have no qualification. ... I might have to totally revise my keys," he said, adding that he's never "qualified" his prediction. 

"You have two contrary forces: the force of history which says this should be a change election and the force of Trump, which says a majority of the American people are worried that he's not fit for office. That's why this is such a puzzling election," he explained, adding that it will likely come down to turnout and voter enthusiasm on each side.

Lichtman said he'd be more confident in Trump's chances if there was a stronger third-party candidate. He said the Libertarian Party blew its chance to have a bigger negative effect on the party in power.

"They picked the wrong guy! Gary Johnson is a loon. They should have picked William Weld, the vice president, at the top of the ticket," he argued.

Watch his full discussion with Jenna Lee above.

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