By now you probably know that the Chicago Cubs are World Series champions, breaking the franchise's 108-year curse. 

As you can imagine, there are lots of fun side stories on social media this morning.

For example, this guy's 1993 high school yearbook quote was eerily prescient... 

"Chicago Cubs. 2016 World Series Champions. You heard it here first," Michael Lee wrote in the Mission Viejo, California High School yearbook.

Meantime, this tweet - from 2014! - started to freak everyone out on Twitter last night as the classic Game 7 was tied heading into a rain delay. 

It turns out "Back to the Future" missed it by one year, but the sitcom "Parks and Recreation" called the Cubs' Series win in an episode that aired in Jan. 2015.

The rain delay was short and near 1am ET, third baseman Kris Bryant fielded a grounder for the historic final out. 

The 24-year-old could not contain his excitement. Many noticed that he was literally smiling as he made the play.

But all in all everyone seems pretty happy for the Cubbies and even their cross-town rivals offered their congrats...

President Obama, a longtime ChiSox fan, tweeted at 2am ET an invitation to the White House...

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