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Donald Trump's campaign manager said on Fox & Friends that the "scandal-abra" is catching up with Hillary Clinton in the polls. 

Kellyanne Conway reacted this morning to new revelations on the FBI's investigations of Clinton's private email server and the Clinton Foundation. 

Bret Baier reported last night that the FBI's investigation of the foundation has taken a "very high priority." FBI agents have interviewed and re-interviewed multiple people on the foundation case, which is looking into possible pay for play interaction between then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. The FBI's White Collar Crime Division is handling the investigation, Fox News reported.

FBI sources also told Baier that there is a 99% chance that Clinton's email server was hacked by at least five foreign intelligence agencies. 

"I think you said 99% chance that five different foreign nations hacked [the server]. I think there's a 100% chance that all this scandal-abra is catching up with her in the polls," Conway said.

She expressed optimism about Trump's chances on Tuesday, arguing that Barack Obama won at least 50% of votes in key swing states, but Clinton is struggling to clear even 42 percent in some state polls.

Conway said the campaign believes it has a chance in Wisconsin, Michigan, Colorado and Pennsylvania, all carried by Obama four years ago.

She said Pennsylvania has been "fool's gold" for Republican presidential candidates, but that their internal polling puts Trump within three to four points.

One day after a contentious exchange with Whoopi Goldberg, Conway said Trump is staying on message at his rallies, while Clinton and other Democrats are making a mistake by attacking the FBI director.

Watch the full discussion above. 

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