The author of "Clinton Cash" - an in-depth examination of the Clinton Foundation's dealings - reacted this morning to reports that the FBI's investigation of the organization has taken a "very high priority."

FBI agents have interviewed and re-interviewed multiple people on the foundation case, which is looking into possible pay for play interaction between then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. The FBI's White Collar Crime Division is handling the investigation, Fox News reported. 

The Wall Street Journal reported that recordings from an unrelated FBI corruption investigation revealed an internal feud between FBI investigators and their superiors at the Justice Department.

Author Peter Schweizer said his book acted as a "road map" for the investigation, but is far from being the "entire case."

"As much as I'd like to say the book is the entire case, that is not the case. That's certainly how the Clinton team is going to represent it. But they have done a lot of legwork, as you would expect the FBI to do," he told Bill Hemmer.

He said he was interviewed multiple times by the FBI, but not since February. Schweizer dismissed contentions that the FBI is "going rogue based on a book."

He explained that the Department of Justice is denying tools - like subpoena power - to FBI investigators in an effort to block the probe from moving along.

"This is a Department of Justice that has been politicized. I don't think anybody can dispute that," he said, pointing back to the secret meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Meantime, Schweizer said the foundation's denial and claim that it's unaware of an ongoing investigation is "flat-out wrong."

Watch the America's Newsroom interview above.

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