The mother of a U.S. Marine veteran and journalist who was kidnapped in Syria four years ago joined Jenna Lee on Happening Now.

Austin Tice was kidnapped in 2012 and since then, his family has only received one proof of life video six weeks later.

A banner calling attention to Tice's case was unveiled at D.C.'s Newseum yesterday. State Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters that people across the government are "working hard every day to bring [Tice] home to his family." 

Kirby also said authorities do not have much information on his whereabouts.

Debra Tice explained that Tice's last communication to the family was in Aug. 2012. He went to Syria as a photojournalist to document the impact of the Syrian civil war on civilians. 

Tice recalled that her husband, Mark, was the first to learn about their son's abduction and that she was on a boating trip at the time.

"When I came off the water to tell him what a great trip it had been, he said, 'well I have something to tell you,'" she explained.

It has now been 1,543 days since Tice's kidnapping.

The Texas family set up a website and met at the White House with President Obama in July. Tice asked people to pray for her son and for the family and remind the president of the "obligation to bring Austin home."

Watch the interview above.

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