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Donald Trump's campaign manager faced off with Whoopi Goldberg on "The View" this morning, defending the candidate on his statements about "rigged" polls. 

Goldberg challenged Kellyanne Conway for pointing out Trump's improving poll numbers, including a new ABC News national poll in which Trump has a one-point lead.

"Didn't you say the polls were rigged?" Goldberg said, also bringing up Trump's accusations of the media being "crooked."

"Will it be crooked again if he slips in the polls?"

Conway said she has personally never questioned the polls, noting that she is a longtime pollster, and that Trump never said that "all" of the media was crooked.

"What I think you need to do is get ready for a chyron that says President-Elect Donald J. Trump," Conway said, relaying a message from Trump to go on the show if he's elected.

"I don’t care if he ever comes back on this show myself," Goldberg responded, explaining that Trump "has been very nasty about people I care about."

"Wow," Conway said, as Goldberg continued to interrupt. 

They got into it again later in the discussion after Goldberg questioned whether Trump has any real solutions to the nation's problems. 

Conway said Hillary Clinton does not have an "aspirational" message like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton did. 

"Anyone can be president, that's the aspirational message!" Goldberg answered as the audience cheered her on.

"That's not her message. She has no message," Conway said.

Watch the back-and-forth above.

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