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Former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner (D) entered a cyber-sex addiction clinic in Florida, as the federal investigation into his alleged online dissemination of sexually explicit images to a minor continues, Greg Gutfeld reported.

Weiner's investigation is now apparently intertwined with the newly-reopened probe into Hillary Clinton's alleged mishandling of classified information, after agents reportedly found emails on Weiner's computer that came from Clinton's private server.

During his time at the rehabilitation center, the husband of Clinton aide Huma Abedin will not be allowed to have a telephone or laptop.

"The big story here is that Hillary and company knew what Weiner did, and did nothing--that puts our government in jeopardy," Gutfeld said, "What would Hillary do to keep these things quiet? What secrets would she hide?"

"They did the opposite of an Amber Alert...I would call it a pervert pass--They actually buried something that is illegal and highly damaging."

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