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Rudy Giuiliani reacted to new WikiLeaks revelations that Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman apparently called for the "dumping" of several emails prior to a subpoena.

"There's no question anymore as to whether or not Hillary Clinton, [Huma] Abedin, and [John] Podesta violated the laws," Giuliani, a former New York City mayor, told Sean Hannity.

"You'd have to be almost stupid not to realize it," he said, adding that the "dump" remark showed that the Clinton team's "first reaction is to do something criminal."

Giuliani pointed out that the "dump" remark came before 33,000 emails were "bleached" rather than handed over.

"That's a pretty sophisticated level of crime. Now she says she wants the emails turned over. Well, Hillary if you wanted the emails turned over, what'd you bleach them for?" 

He added that more shocking aspect is "the tremendous cover-up that took place" and the corruption of the Justice Department.

He said that Attorney General Loretta Lynch recused herself from the email probe: "Yet she was telling the director of the FBI that he couldn't respond to Congress" before Friday's letter from Comey.

"The Justice Department, it seems to me, is the one that corrupted this investigation," he said, "There has to be a couple of people there that are also going to be liable eventually when this gets investigated."

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