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Karl Rove joined Jon Scott on "Happening Now" today to analyze the electoral map and what Donald Trump needs to do to win on November 8.

Rove said that if Trump wins all the states that Mitt Romney won in 2012, he would be at 206 electoral votes. If he manages to win Florida (29 votes), Ohio (18 votes) and Iowa (6 votes), he would be at 259.

Rove said that would leave Trump 11 votes short of the 270 threshold, meaning that another state or two becomes absolutely must-win for the Republican nominee.

"I think it's important that when you're in this kind of a situation, buy yourself a couple of insurance policies," Rove said. "I'm not certain I'd buy in New Mexico and Colorado and Michigan and Wisconsin. I'd concentrate on maybe half those states, not four of them."

He added that Pennsylvania and North Carolina are other states that could help Trump reach 270 in this hypothetical scenario.

Rove said that Clinton, however, still has the advantage, since she's got 242 electoral votes all but guaranteed, as those states have been carried by Democrats in six straight presidential elections.

"He's got to take one or two of those states away, but run most of the table on the tossup states."

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