Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge shed some light on how the FBI is working day and night to pore over new emails potentially tied to Hillary Clinton's private server. 

FBI Director James Comey announced Friday that new emails were discovered during the separate investigation of Anthony Weiner's messages to a teenage girl.

The disgraced congressman is the estranged husband of Clinton's closest aide, Huma Abedin. 

There were thousands of emails on the laptop in question, but it's unclear how many contained messages to or from the former secretary of state or how many of the messages were already reviewed by FBI agents. 

Herridge reports that analysts are using special software to go through the emails on overlapping shifts covering 16 hours a day. 

"The same multi-agency intelligence task force that was first used on the Clinton email case has been directed to re-engage with a directive to identify new classified material," Herridge reported.

Forensic computer experts developed new software to "de-dupe" the contents, weeding out duplicate emails. With a warrant in the FBI's possession, agents can read Weiner's emails and determine if any of the messages are relevant to Mrs. Clinton's server.

"You're talking weeks or months to understand the classification," said Herridge, explaining that the FBI cannot independently determine whether information contained in a newly-found record is classified. 

Meantime, a lawyer for Huma Adedin has said she was surprised to learn any of her emails were on Weiner's laptop and believed she had turned over everything to investigators. 

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