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"They're shouting 'female' to hide the 'email'," Greg Gutfeld said on The Five Tuesday.

"In a desperate defense of Hillary Clinton, some say the email probe is an attack on women," he said.

Gutfeld explained that a UC-Berkeley professor contended that the scandal surrounding Clinton is not about emails but instead about "men not believing women should be engaging in high-level communication."

President Obama also predicted Clinton would be victim of further alleged sexism if elected, Gutfeld said.

But, he pointed out "Team Hillary knew [former Rep.] Anthony Weiner was sexting a high-schooler back in 2011--Hillary is just one step removed from Weiner."

"The lesson here is [that] Hillary only looks out for one woman--herself," he said, "The real example of sexism is...a teenage girl getting sexts from a creep [being] ignored because the creep has connections."

Clinton is "driven by self-preservation and power," he said.

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