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There are growing calls for an investigation at CNN after WikiLeaks found that DNC chair Donna Brazile, then a contributor, twice leaked a primary debate question to the Hillary Clinton campaign, Megyn Kelly reported.

CNN responded to the WikiLeaks email exchange in question by saying Brazile herself was at fault and such actions would otherwise not be tolerated at the network.

Former CNN/US President Jon Klein reacted to the news on The Kelly File, saying he believes the network has already executed an investigation into the leak.

"They may not want to talk about the internal workings," Klein said, "nothing is taken more seriously at CNN...than issues around the integrity of the place."

Klein said there is an "in-house unit" at the network to "anticipate problems" like this.

"You wouldn't rest until you go to the bottom of that...[I] presume that they have run this down to the ends of the their satisfaction," Klein said.

As a result of the news, Klein called for the end of "partisan surrogates" like Brazile to be employed as contributors at news outlets.

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