A Flint, Michigan, woman whose town hall question was leaked to Hillary Clinton's campaign in advance said on Happening Now today that Clinton should be "disqualified" from the presidential race.

"I was disgusted by her answer and I'm even moreso now. I feel she should be disqualified because it gave her an advantage that she shouldn't have had," said Lee-Anne Walters.

A new set of John Podesta's hacked emails - released by WikiLeaks - show that Donna Brazile allegedly gave the Clinton campaign advance notice of questions that would be asked at the March CNN town hall event with Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Brazile, who adamantly denied to Megyn Kelly earlier allegations of leaking questions to the Clinton camp, worked for CNN and is now interim chair of the DNC.

In the email, Brazile explained that a "woman with a rash ... will ask what, if anything, will Hillary do as president to help the ppl of Flint."

At the event, Clinton ended up saying she would have an "absolute commitment" to getting rid of lead everywhere, not just in tap water.

Walters told Jenna Lee that she viewed the answer as a "cop-out," arguing that there is already funding for addressing other lead-related issues like old paint.

"She'd be in office for four years, not five, so how does that work?" Walters asked.

Brazile and the Clinton campaign have cast doubt on the emails released by WikiLeaks, suggesting they could have been doctored by Russia. 

Walters' five-year-old twins were both harmed by drinking the lead-tainted water. She said one of her sons has not grown in two years and both suffer from hand-eye coordination and speech issues tied to the lead poisoning. 

Walters said she and her whole family have rashes to this day from the water, which they still cannot drink.

She recalled that CNN contacted her and asked if she wanted to pose a question at the event. Walters said she submitted three questions and CNN picked one that she would ask. 

As far as her vote in one week, Walters said she may not vote at all "for the first time ever," and declined to comment about her views on Donald Trump.

Watch the full interview above.

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