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Ed Klein says that FBI Director James Comey "jumped at the chance" to reopen the Hillary Clinton email probe because he was "overwhelmed with regret" after initially recommending no charges for the Democratic presidential nominee in July.

Citing sources within the FBI, Klein revealed on "Fox & Friends" that the FBI rank and file were furious with Comey and the atmosphere at the bureau has been "toxic."

"There's a sense that he disgraced the institution and brought it down. And he has been suffering," Klein said, noting that many agents reportedly submitted their resignation letters after Comey's announcement in July.

Klein said that why after the FBI uncovered additional Clinton-related emails on the laptop of disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner - the husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin - Comey "jumped at the chance" to renew the Clinton investigation.

"He's hoping that he can undo the damage," Klein said.

He added that this has caused an uproar with top officials at the Justice Department, including Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who are actively "trying to get Hillary Clinton elected president."

"This is a complete mess at the very top of our criminal justice system," Klein said. "I would call it a constitutional crisis in the making at this very moment."

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