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Congressman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) discussed the Pentagon's decision to back off their effort to collect the balances of overpaid bonuses from military servicemembers at Camp Pendleton.

Issa told Heather Nauert on America's Election HQ that he and other bipartisan members of the California Congressional delegation held a conference call with Department of Defense officials on the matter.

"We discovered that they're not prepared to return money--they're suggesting that guardsmen apply to get it back," Issa said.

Several guardsmen have paid and others have yet to pay the amounts initially demanded by the federal government.

Issa said that, to him, if a soldier made an agreement with the government, and there is no doubt the servicemember acted in good faith doing so, "then he has to get his money or keep his money," Issa said.

He said the "vast majority of the 10,000 soldiers" affected should get to keep the overpaid bonuses.

"It requires simply common sense," he said.

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