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In his talking points memo Tuesday evening, Bill O'Reilly analyzed the current state of the presidential race.

He noted that the race is currently within reputable polls' margins of error, and added that "no matter who wins...Americans will be uneasy" about the result.

Hillary Clinton "devoted herself to public service for three decades, but has not really achieved anything outstanding," O'Reilly said, excepting her role in the 9/11 aftermath as New York State's junior senator.

She "actively participated in President Obama's failed attempt to place the United States in a subordinate position overseas," he said, adding that "foreign policy under Obama has been a chaotic failure."

He also noted that the Democratic nominee has "veered sharply left in her social beliefs."

O'Reilly echoed voters' unease with Republican Donald Trump, saying that he is "completely untested in geopolitics" despite making "big promises to return prosperity" to the United States.

He added that Trump's "outsider" message has "tremendous appeal", but that overall between both candidates there are more "negatives than positives in this election."

"It comes down to your belief system...and which candidate better reflects that," he said.

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