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Donald Trump warned at a campaign event yesterday that electing Hillary Clinton as president could lead to a "constitutional crisis."

Trump supporter Dr. Ben Carson agrees with the Republican nominee's assessment, arguing that the renewed FBI investigation of Clinton's private email server means that a Clinton presidency would be bogged down by litigation and controversy.

"You remember what Watergate was like? Remember what the impeachment of Bill Clinton was like? This will probably be much more intense than that," Carson said on "America's Newsroom" today.

He explained that the United States is at a crossroads and we must decide if it's going to be a government "of and for the people" or a government "of and for the government."

"This is not going away anytime soon," Carson said of Clinton's email scandal. "So to have all of this distraction going on at a time when a leader is trying to lead is going to be devastating to our country."

He added that the next president will also have to deal with illegal immigration, a lackluster economy, the growing threat of radical Islamic terror and a host of other issues.

"These are huge problems, and we can't afford to be mired down in this quagmire at this point in time."

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