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On October 14, CNN accepted the resignation of interim Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile, who until that time was a contributor at the network, Megyn Kelly reported on The Kelly File.

New WikiLeaks emails show that Brazile offered the Clinton campaign questions and information in advance of at least two CNN-sponsored forums.

In a statement, CNN said they never actively gave Brazile access to "any questions, preparation material... [or] background information... in advance of a town hall or debate."

Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz reacted to the revelations, calling Brazile's actions "cheating".

"Donna Brazile betrayed the network where she worked for many years," Kurtz said.

"CNN handled this poorly," he said, noting the two-week's time between Brazile's resignation and the news breaking of her actions in aiding the Clinton campaign.

"CNN talks about transparency--why didn't CNN get out in front of this and say we are parting company with Donna Brazile?"

Kurtz said the network could "vindicate its reputation by identifying who was responsible" for acting as a conduit between Brazile and the CNN employees in charge of administering the forums and creating the questions.

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