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After working as a waitress at Plainview Diner on Long Island for half of her life, 86-year-old Sylvia Smith said goodbye to the patrons and co-workers she refers to as her family.

Sylvia started working at The Plainview Diner the day it opened in February 1973, and after 43 years, she decided it was finally time to retire.

Last week, she showed up to work for her last shift, which she thought would be a typical day.

Boy, was she wrong...

The restaurant’s owners and customers came together to throw her an amazing retirement bash.

The diner wrote on Facebook, "The Plainview Diner was bursting with love that night. Patrons young and old were pouring in from all over the county to pay homage to waitress Sylvia."

She told Newsday it was a bittersweet ending to a wonderful career.

“When I go home sometimes, I just break down. My daughter will come. She’ll say, ‘You alright Mommy?’ I’ll say, ‘I’m just having a happy cry. That’s all.'”

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