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The FBI had long been investigating possible links between Clinton Foundation and State Department business during Hillary Clinton's tenure as secretary of state, Bret Baier reported on Special Report.

Baier discussed with "Clinton Cash" author Peter Schweizer the so-called 'Clinton Blur'--the "controversial mix of money, politics, diplomacy and personal interest all so interconnected that it's easy to get lost".

Schweizer reiterated that it is difficult to determine where "their profit making...and official power ends or begins."

He offered a number of examples, including a case from 2009, when the Swedish telecommunications giant Ericsson began facing increasing US pressure because it had been selling telecom equipment to repressive governments.

Around that time, Bill Clinton is paid three-quarters of a million dollars to give a speech to Ericsson, and Hillary Clinton pressed for broader sanctions against Iran, notably excluding telecommunications.

Later, Bill Clinton met then-Colombian President Alvaro Uribe to discuss "matters in private". 

"After he left the presidential palace, Hillary Clinton comes in and has lunch with the president,..and signals [support for] a free-trade agreement," Schweizer said, the same free-trade agreement "she opposed while running for president" in 2008.

Schweizer also discussed a case involving an Irish billionaire in the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake.

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