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Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer discussed the re-opening of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails, with Bill O'Reilly on The O'Reilly Factor.

"[FBI Director Jim] Comey did the right thing," Krauthammer said of his decision to inform Congress, "the only thing he could do."

In September, Comey told Texas Congressman Lamar Smith at a hearing that he would likely notify legislators if new pertinent information regarding the Clinton probe surfaced.

"He had no choice but to say 'this is what's going on'," Krauthammer said, "whether he knows that there is something that will torch her in those emails" is unknown.

"According to what I've read...this was not brought to [Comey's] attention for weeks," he said, nodding to the fact that agents in the New York City bureau were the ones chiefly investigating Anthony Weiner's computer, on which the new messages were found.

"When he issued the [July] statement about her being careless...but not wanting to indict [Clinton]...I didn't agree but didn't accuse him of bad faith--precisely because he did not want to be the guy that wanted to change the election," Krauthammer said, "The great irony is [that] now he is."

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