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Former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-Ark.) criticized Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for perceptively blaming everyone but herself, when it comes to missteps and scandals like the investigation into whether she mishandled classified information while secretary of state.

"Have you noticed that with Hillary it’s never her fault? Harry Truman said the buck stops here," Huckabee said, "The only buck that stops with Hillary is the one with George Washington’s face on it. Those are the ones that come from foreign governments that go into the Clinton Foundation. Never does she stand up and say, you know, it’s totally my fault. Is it [Jim] Comey’s fault, is it Huma [Abedin]’s fault?"

"No, it’s Hillary’s fault. She is at the center of this entire Clinton enterprise," he said on Fox & Friends.

Huckabee also said it is remarkable that many Democrats suspect Russia has tampered with the contents of the WikiLeaks email dumps before they are released: "This is the best thing they can do to say we didn’t write all that stuff, the Russians just recreated our emails perfectly."

"The Democrats are using it as the same role as a scantily-clad woman in a magic show to divert attention to what is really going on."

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